Very durable Handbag,the zipper pocket is a little bit smaller

The burgundy and brown are beautiful. This is a versatile, but stylish handbag. It is comfy to wear and smooth. The area is large enough for me to carry at least 2 textbooks (depends on how weighty they are), but I needed it more for a couple composition notebooks and my laptop when I’m in school. I would definitely choose the other colors. Highly recommend to busy people who need a lovely, comfy, functional tote for everyday stuff.

Eventually, I wound up with both Roku remotes, over twelve lighters, three makeup bags, and two water bottles in my bag, not forgetting the rest of the normal junk. So realizing that I’ve a habit of stowing points away in my purse for winter simply, I made the decision that easily downsized, I’d be required to only keep the essentials. Yes, this handbag is small.

When I acquired this bag first, I wasn’t in love and vaguely considered returning it. I QUICKLY thought: over three thousand people published on Amazon to say they loved this bag, and I don’t have a gray bag, and it cost so comparatively little that it was not worth the trouble to consider another and return that one. Yesterday, I wore it for the first time and believed immediately that I have to post a stellar review on Amazon!

It took a little used to. Yes it’s floppy, I saw that in the testimonials. But it’s beautiful, soft and retains everything. Floppy wasn’t a problem in a few days. Lots enough compartments for small stuff and, well, lots of space for the big stuff. If my hands are full (walking in store holding gloves, hat and scarf) I just stuff it all in the back fifty percent, no nagging problem.The front is reserved for wallet, phone, snack bar, etc, etc, etc. I was interested in having 3 straps. I favor a long shoulder strap.

So it may have been that one one just. This hand bag is merely so great. Place for everything. Soft and wears well. Has a shoulder strap that comes with it, but it sits on you shoulder just fine and I have yet to use it. That might be nice for travel. I am so pleased I provided it another chance. This is the best purse I’ve ever owed. Just do be cautious zipping it open and closed.

It literally fits everything you need in the event that you carry a complete lot of stuff like me. I am a doctoral college students and will often have a couple of stuff I carry around so this is perfect. I am very particular with luggage and purses and generally buy name brands but this purse is quite well made and comparable to brands like trainer or mk. It really is sturdy. One problem is the smell of natural leather but it usually goes away in hours in the event that you atmosphere it out properly to ensure that didn’t actually bother me much.

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