Set the year, and the Wristwatches knows what day and month it is always

Just got this.It was simple to set up, and I’m currently using it to track my steps.Watches and bracelets typically bug me personally, which is why We never got something similar to this before, but this is very lightweight and We barely understand it’s there.I like that I can check my heartrate with it and customize which choices I would like to see.For instance, I don’t work or ride a bike, so was able to remove those items using the app, and was able to add a workout option instead.

This watch it a great LED watch that I take everywhere when I’m going somewhere.Is effective whilst underwater taking showers or being. This also helps me wake up in the first morning and tells the date and time which is important.Of anything, this watch is my own assistant or my daily time supervisor.I really like the look and it fits comfortable on my wrist.

Easy to create and can take a beating!I’ve put on it almost every time.I’ve gone coastal angling, river swimming, and work in a butcher store, and this view has held up with me without a nagging problem. I can clean it daily with soap and hot water and also have no issues.Great watch for a great cost, and it even fools the informal eye into thinking it’s a more expensive G-shock.

The band is tan with a dark or dark edge, which goes well with the true face of the watch.I such as this watch.I do not really wear it as often as I would like, i.e., at work, because it is somewhat dressier than the clothing I normally wear now there, but it would look very good with nice informal clothes or even with a suit or blazer.Not too formal, but a step or two over denim/blue jeans.

Ive een wearing this watch nonstop,in fact it is loved by me personally!3years later? And Im wearing it still!I swim in it,sleep,everything!Except,now the band provides begun to crack..What a deal this is!!Buying another one!This is actually the best watch for me and my lifestyle that Ive ever endured.Just got 1 for my husband too!When I cat rest? I play with the shades!

It’s very sleek, and has a classy look and feel.It suits my giant meaty wrist comfortably, too, which is nice and difficult to find in a wrist watch band these days.The silicone band is super soft and bendable and doesn’t appear cheaply made.I also dig that it shows the date AND your day of the week, because sometimes time all bleeds collectively and it’s hard to keep track, which I have to occasionally do for my job.

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