Pretty Mens Crossbody bag Online Sale

The purse itself even came with the sellers name on a card, that was attached with a string, along with another card with directions on how to take care of the purse. Also in the purse was another cards thanking me for purchasing their item. Almost as though I bought it at a section store, rather than from Amazon.

It really is soft, no odor, sturdy, no loose stitching, no cracking (even about straps), no issues. I am picky incredibly, I favor 100% leather no matter what brand I’m buying, this is leather definitely, and I have to be able to wear the bag on my shoulder easily,which I could with this bag.

The material is quite soft, the bag appears sturdy and nice, and it matches the image depicted perfectly. A total is had because of it of 6 outer zipper pockets, 3 small ones in the front, 1 in back again and 2 at the top of the bag. There are 2 outer side pockets also. Inside the 2 primary compartments are extra pockets, so it has PLENTY of area for all my stuff. It’s well-crafted, with everything being very secure.

We am picky and it’s really hard to decide on just one. I used Miche brand luggage for days gone by 4-5 years and loved them, however the shells kept cracking and peeling. I decided that it was time to look for a new bag and a chance was taken by me with this one. I was soo thrilled when it arrived that I had to leave function early to obtain it. When it had been opened by me, I was immediately impressed. The size is cherished by me, the soft yet tough feel, and the metal clips on the strap. This can be an ideal bag and the purchase price isn’t bad at all.?

This bag is indeed light, yet it holds so much! Stacks up pretty well alone. I’ve used it just about nonstop for 2 weeks and so much so good. For the price you can’t fail regardless! Update……four weeks old now and I just realized my sunglasses easily fit into the outside pocket. I don’t need that bulky case anymore. Still no symptoms of wear and I am in and out of the car on a regular basis and this thing gets zipped and unzipped like crazy.

I saw some of the testimonials and several people had issues with their purse’s silver beads or buttons (whatever you need to contact them) popping off, or zippers breaking, or breaking straps. So I was a bit nervous that mine would be broken in a full week. Lemme just say…this purse ROCKS. It’s certainly a purse for someone who doesn’t travel gently (which will be me!).

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