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Polarized Clubmaster Classic Half Frame Semi-Rimless Rimmed Sunglasses For me personally this pair of sunglasses turned away to fit my face and not fall off, so as described one classically fits all sizes. Next, I enjoy having a sport-like pouch to store my eyeglasses into with a string to shut down the pouch. I feel that the polarization is usually good and it shall block 100% UVA/UVB. It’s not one of the most expensive brands, but it’s certainly an excellent that compares.

These are very stylish pairs of sunglasseThese are extremely stylish pairs of sunglasses I and love the differently styled frames/arms. Not to your investment superior Polarized view too. My favorite is the Tortoise frames but sadly that’s not Polarized however the various other 2 are. However the lens of the Tortoise frames are UVA/UVB evidence based on the tag.

They came perfectly packaged. They arrived in a box, in the bag with a lens cleaning cloth. I was just a little afraid at first by the excess weight of the glasses. They are SO light!!!! I have always been used to weighty sunglasses, and have connected that with high quality. Buy em, you wont become disappointed.

The polarization will create some patterning that may be distracting. It’s a subtle design that I only noticed for the initial few drives while using. The eyeglasses aren’t as dark as pictured; your eyes are clearly visible (fellow males, you have been warned). Also, it generally does not completely remove the glare, strips out most but a boring blue just, in the event that you consider that a con.

One has to acknowledge, first, these are high-end sunglasses. I bought these because these were well-reviewed, polarized, had UV safety, and were cheap more than enough that I wouldn’t worry to much easily forgot them somewhere. All those objectives were certainly met. I don’t feel just like my watch of the world has been skewed too much. Meaning, some glasses possess a tint that basically changes things a whole lot. These appear to darken evenly.

These are definitely polarized, and light-weight and sturdy. Something you’ll expect from a Maui Jim, but get in these!These are not as light-weight as my Maui Jim, but that’s mainly since the lenses are much bigger on these Ducos, and the side arms are about as solid as my Maui Jims twice.

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