Looking for Cute View with an excellent combo

This watch is fantastic on quality and design.Size fits guy or high woman’s wrist better, little big on slim wrist(see picture).I assume that’s a reason this view gets better battery life.Complex on setup, consumer manual will not make sense.I recommend youtube as a much better way to discover ways to use and setup.Good price: it’s same as similar 30 or 40 bulks watch, better on package even.

Can’t beat this watch for price or performance.For under $12, something is got by you that keeps great time and will last many years.While the battery is rated for ten years, the band gives out after 6 or 7 which means under $2/year.Not bad at all.The watch crystal is plastic material but I must admit that even after many years of wearing, the surface only has minimal scratches.I love the known fact that you could set two different times.When daylight savings time occurs, just toggle to the next time which is defined one hour different.

The dual time function is quite easy to access so when for the reason that mode displays the original time setting.A great function when going across many time zones.Moreover, switching to 24 hour period is quite accessible also.I have no idea why the put the entire year on the facial skin, a detail that is not necessary.If one can’t remember the year one is in, there are bigger cognitive problems when compared to a watch can address then.Casio watches are very rugged based on my past experience with them.

I’m not sure why some testimonials said it was really loud, keeping some individuals awake even…that basically doesn’t sound like a problem with the watch, sounds like they involve some issues.its not any louder than any other watch I have.certainly doesn’t keep anyone awake during the night.I couldnt hear it unless I put it up to my ear.

To track heart rate continuously, the user must turn on the activity mode and begin a run or cardio session.During the session the heart rate monitor is definitely activated the whole time and shows the true time beat each and every minute.In other words, if the activity mode isn’t turned on while you exercise, the monitor may only show the last reading from ten minutes ago before you begin working out and you’ll believe that it is inaccurate.

I needed a wrist watch for function because I was sick and tired of pulling my cell phone out of my pocket to check on the time.I wanted one with an electronic readout and that could take a beating because my job is very hands on.We also didn’t want to spend excess amount since I have an extremely nice watch that We wear when I go out somewhere that isn’t work related.I found Amazon then came across this watch by the categories We had listed.

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