Good Tote but have to watch the zipper

The band are lengthy enough to wear with a coat comfortably, the cross strap is essential when I ride motorbike with my guy, silver hardware is definitely my preference, it is extremely roomy inside for day to day items, or even while an overnight bag (without searching like one), and lastly, the standard of the leather is amazing! This could be recognized by just touching and holding it while empty- it’s heavy- sturdy.

The back outside zipper pocket is ideal for keys as the inside small zipper pocket holds my cosmetics. Then the two pocket hold my iPhone 5 easily along with a little pad of paper. The large inner pockets will hold a 7-8 in tablet with plenty of room. The second inner pocket keeps my wallet and those frustrating store cards nicely.

It’s a little larger than most hand bags I’ve owned but I get that this is hardly a issue. A make-up is carried by me bag, full-size wallet, tablet, my mobile phone, two chargers, legal documents, but still have space for whatever extras I might need to take with me on my out-and-about times. I’m 5ft 2 in tall, and the straps fit very across my shoulder nicely. Never have a problem with it even when fully loaded.

Inside, there is a little flap sewn nicely to 1 of the back pockets with the sellers name embossed onto it. However the flap that’s dangling from a chain using one of the purse handles is definitely blank. I have no idea why the seller would not bother to stamp their name on that little bit of leather.

The strap is long enough that I can use it as a cross body and it hits just underneath my hip, which is what I wanted. I was worried about being able to suit everything I required after reading reviews, but it is perfect! I can carry a paper back, sunglasses, my phone, make-up, my snacks and wallet without it being overstuffed!

Slightly bigger than I usually buy so I have to adjust to carrying something larger. But definitely roomy and can hold a whole lot (what every female needs right?). The leather is soft so it’s not some bulky issue that feels as though you have a briefcase over your shoulder. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap which rocks ! if you would like to wear it crossbody. My only complaint can be that I wish small shoulder straps could possibly be taken off with all the bigger one – I get tangled conveniently with there being three straps on it

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