Good buy the Watch but browse the Users’ Guide carefully

It really does have a compass on it and changes 4 different colors so when he works night time shift he can in fact see the amount of time in the dark.(Phones are prohibited) it includes a stopwatch onto it too.Still tinkering with it but manual says it all.Nice quality, elegant & we really did try the waterproof feature!?

I work with dogs which view has stood up to the abuse more than any various other.I actually upgraded to a smartwatch not so long ago and it broke 3 days in!Never would have known my job was so rough because this view is basically indestructible.Every right part of it is easy to read, regular display is a little dark though? Like when you take your phone into bright daylight.Still wouldn’t trade this watch for anything else.

I am going to be heading out to some basic schooling here shortly and thought I should buy and get used to a watch that I can have there.Obviously basic training will be the ultimate test, but at this true point I love it.I hardly ever used to wear watches, and since the fitbit was had by me, I am completely deeply in love with watches.No need to grab your stinking phone out of your pocket (which will end up being truly a scrolling session because you own it in your hands anyway).

Nice simple watch.Works well enough, it is fine that it has day time of the entire week and time displayed on it. Backlight is bright enough to see the digits when activated but will not light up the room, (which I individually like) and shuts off quickly after releasing.The watch face is pretty big, very much bigger than I was expecting.

The thin package and large strap doesn’t interfere with long sleeves and it’ll wrap the wrist of a full grown American man.The stop watch feature is ideal for timing foot races and soccer games.And because the display doesn’t blank, you may never need to tap, swipe, or click any extra buttons to make contact with where you were.It’s a marvel of 20th Century technology that still keeps its relevance in the 21st.

The leather strap feels and appears like decent material, and the dark watch face with gold/bronze hands helps it be look pretty classy for the purchase price.Timex does a fairly good job with the Indiglo feature upon this.Pressing in the knob to light it becomes pretty intuitive just.I can’t stand stuff that’s too shiny, but this watch may be the exception.The darker colored frame makes the shiny finish not as flashy, and it stays quite clean.

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