First ‘real glasses’ – great look,fit and craftsmanship

Be aware, because they are polarized you shall get a rainbow effect when looking through tinted windows or at UV film. This is not a defect of the eyeglasses. It’s how polarized functions. If you feel it will frustrate you consider non-polarized. Feel like these should cost doubly much or more definitely. Don’t usually write evaluations, but I’ll say this purchase was definitely worthwhile.

I have sat on them, had them fall off the top of my head and hit cement, and they just chipped the lens somewhat and cracked them in the corner. The most amazing matter I ran into was that I unintentionally shut them in the entranceway of my truck, and the frame slightly bent, but they had been still usable for my two-time backpacking trip. These are amazing! Really worth the money.

Fits me perfectly, and clear enough. Just used it today I figured that a little dark – maybe 15-20% of the light was shielded, it is appropriate though. I hoped lack of light be significantly less than 10%(that’s not possible best?)For the price it can’t be beaten – I would like give it 4. 5 star.

They fell out of my pocket in Costco and they were lost by me. They looked good, felt good, these were light, and the polarizing was good at cutting glare when driving and fishing really. After stepping on them, only one lens cracked part way through surprisingly. When the materials rebounded, you could barely start to see the crack. I wore them for a complete month before stepping on them and another week before losing them in Costco.

The only negative I have is that the little maintenance screwdrive that was included with my first pair didn’t survive in my car during the California summer heat and fell aside while in the molded case. But considering one includes every pair and the actual fact I never had to make use of one on my Duco sunglasses however, I’m not worry about it.

My god!! What great glasses that as well in such cheap prices and trust me I was skeptical as well but they are really great, look good you and often mistaken as Ray-ban really ?? (Not that I am complaining ??) I really like them so far. . If you are looking shades in this design there is absolutely no other better option this great and cheap. . I would 100% recommend to do it now. . Bravo Pro team!

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