Best ever found Different kind Purse over expectations

I did observe that one aspect of the pocket is deeper compared to the other which really is a small bothersome sometimes (mostly when you’re just throwing things in there) but that said it exceeded my goals and the teal color matches the picture perfectly. I have not really been kind to this bag the past four months. It has been tossed, tugged, overstuffed, and stepped on and nothing has ripped, torn, or fallen apart otherwise.

Small pocket for the random stuff like hand chapstick and lotion, gum. I’m using the back pocket for earphones, and chargers. It’s quite convenient when you wish to carry light. I really like it and recommend to anyone and I really like the black color and that fresh purse smell. I will certainly again buy.

Super durable and a great deal of room. Wish the tiny bag attachment attached to both relative sides of the bag, it only connects to the dark side so if u make it as a dark bag it hangs on the outside of the handbag. Also, this particular one carries as a prominent black bag. U can carry it as dark brown, but u discover all of the stitching. Which is okay by me, but not for a few I’m sure.

It’s big a sufficient amount of to carry everything I need however, not thus big that Personally i think like I’ve a tote bag on my shoulder. There’s lots of awesome pockets so I can keep all of my things organized and it’s really very comfortable to carry with the shoulder straps (haven’t utilized it crossbody however). And the most important thing of most: it looks fabu with everything! I could wear it with skinny jeans & a tee or with a suit and it looks great with either. I’m thinking about setting it up in at least 1 more color, but of course the black first had to come.

This purse is perfect! Plenty of room and lots of pockets for arranging my junk. I’m diabetic and have to get a larger handbag to tote around my testing kit and supplements, along with all the current other stuff I can’t be without. That one fills the costs completely. It’s lightweight, smooth and the color is quite nice. The drop on the attached handles is normally long enough for me personally to wear on my shoulder so I didn’t need the extra cross-body strap. I’m not really in love with having the couple of handles simply hanging while the various other strap is used anyway, I believe that looks sloppy.?

First got it in the stone (I know already I will reach for this daily), love how spacious it is without feeling chunky. Could fit a complete size drinking water bottle no nagging issue, wallet, room and telephone to spare. Need my hands-free, but still quite stylish. Love all of the zippers! And appreciate the adaptable strap. Imagine this might be superb for travel. I.e. kindle, wallet, telephone, and all secure rather than falling every where. Figure if required you could utilize it as a mini-diaper bag (a few diapers, wipes, change of clothes) for quick errands.

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