Be Practical of the Jewellery

Although there was a hiccup with my first order of these earrings (carrier wouldn’t normally deliver to address so they were returned to distribution center), Amazon found the rescue and I received the very next day.They came in the most incredible packaging that I’ve ever seen: one high-end jewelers box nested in another.

We am 57 years aged and when I was developing up you could see jewelry such as this.Plus, things like mustard seeds.I haven’t seen anything.with pressed flowers, in atleast 35 years.These are the most beautiful types I have ever seen absolutely. They are about 1/4 thick also.The silver that wraps around the acrylic casing, is shiney in an elegant way.The flowers will amaze you.

Even the little card it’s mounted on is unbecoming of the actual item.It’s a unique problem to possess, as it’s more often than not the other way around!The product is much better than the packaging!!!But I believe the person I purchased this for shall love it. I will have to redo everything completely, to make this not really look like trash, but that’s alright, I guess.It’s an extremely nice piece that I would not mind wearing myself.

Of program, the necklace itself.My girlfriend has many possessions, including lots of jewelry.She actually is not the sort to feign being impressed to please me…Actually, you might say she’s quite ready to critique products down to details I am not necessarily expert enough to discern.I have purchased her pearls before.Some she liked plus some she didn’t care for as very much.She was absolutely thrilled with this necklace and described in detail why it is superior, and just why she loved it so.Let’s face it, We missed a few of the details in her incredibly complimentary review – but I’ll say this: I agree with her.These are perhaps the most beautiful and well matched pearls I’ve ever seen.

I can’t concur that the stones are genuine but they are lovely on the necklace.I appreciate how the necklace was created so that the pendant will lie flat against one’s upper body, with the stones protruding mainly on side (see picture); this does suggest, though, that the preferred lie of the pendant upon one’s chest is predetermined.Working my hand along the pendant, I do not at first feel any wires poking or tugging; the stones appear secure, too.

What a surprise!They sparkle, look authentic, strong prongs and post.Originally purchased simply because anice looking earring to wear to the beach and if lost wasn’t an enormous strain BUT I’m wearing them daily.Perfect for authentic appearance.The packaging is brilliant.Blue outerbox, blue wrap, and a smaller blue box inside.The box makes them look expensive!

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